A successful story A totally handmade production for housing

Over 60 years of experience

It was established far back in 1943, and, starting off from rickety conditions, it has developed to become, in a few years, a modern industry

Design, implementation and development of prefabricated structures in vibrated reinforced concrete and pre-stressed

As a matter of fact its activity commenced with a completely family-run production for residential building; in the years that followed it first undertook the production of tanks and then, among the first in Italy, the manufacture of prefabricated prestressed elements and in a few years it became the leader in its field and is at present among the major companies on the national level.

Founded in a small yard in Fontaniva, it developed in two plants in this town, and then it expanded to Carmignano di Brenta and to Cittadella.

The manufacture of reinforced concrete tanks for containing Vino and liquids in general is concentrated in the first plant in Fontaniva.

In the second plant prefabricated elements are realized such as: foundation plinths, pillars, lintels, tympanums and accessorial elements.

In the plant in Carmignano di Brenta prestressed prefabricated elements are realized such as: lintels, covering beams of various types and curtain wall panels. In the plant in Cittadella structures for agricultural buildings are realized such as: barns, shelters for equipment and silos.

The main customers of Nico Velo S.p.A. are public bodies, companies and private persons, for work carried out all over Italy and abroad.

The company was awarded in 1999 the first world B.I.B.M. award for the best technical creation, for the construction of a bridge.

In 2000 it acquired the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification and in 2007 the CE marking for prefabricated elements.

Nico Velo SpA is SOA certified for carrying out public works in categories OG 1 class VI and OS 13 class IV.

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Awards and certifications

Quality guarantee

We are proud of our reallizzazioni because document the confidence that since 1943 we have been able to collect from our customers.

Esperience and tradition

Achievements that are also to demonstrate the success, reliability and appreciation that our products and the wide range of solutions offered.

Professionalism and efficiency

Nico Velo S.p.A. in order to provide always a product with higher and higher quality standard and a complete and professional service.