Products and fields of interventionNico Velo | prefabricated from 1943

Types of covering

Innovative characteristics, a great deal of light for aluminium window and door frames with any required automated smoke evacuators and motorized openings. Structure with reduced permanent loads and a high resistance to fire.

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Skeleton structures

Our long-standing experience guarantees a wide range of main pillars and girders which can satisfy any architectural and load requirement. Our shooting pits for prestressed manufactures make testing manufactures up to the maximum of 1,000 total tonnes possible on a sole prestressed track.

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Curtain wall panels

Classical and innovative solutions. NICO VELO SPA works with high quality standards. It therefore gives due attention to finishing and to accessorial elements as well as the processing and laying of manufactures.

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Tanks for the wine industry and wine fermentation

NICO VELO SPA produces internationaly several models of prefabricated reinforced concrete tanks (quadrangular, cylindrical, pyramidal, customized projects) with extraordinary features for the the production and fermentation of wine.

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Tanks for the water purification

NICO VELO SPA has a long and prestigious tradition in the production of prefabricated reinforced concrete tanks for wine, water and sewage, also custom made specific by the designer.

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Bicycle and pedestrian bridges

Bridges and structures designed with the architectural environment and using an unusual model for industrialized solutions, in order to improve the standard prefabricated reinforced concrete.

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