Quality and certifications Nico Velo S.p.A. | Prefabricated from 1943

Quality guarantee for high standards

Doing well is essential in our trade

It therefore means knowing how to set oneself off for one’s competence, determination and flexibility.

This means supplying products, services and solutions which have been carefully studied according to each customer’s specific needs and tailored for each project.

For this purpose, Nico Velo, taking in the market’s needs, more and more competitive, specialized and selective, since the year 2000, has certified its company processes and production sectors in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, deeming it a useful instrument to attain its customer's satisfaction.

In 2007 Nico Velo S.p.A. acquired the CE marking for prefabricated elements.

In addition, Nico Velo SpA has a SOA certification for carrying out public works in categories OG 1 class VI and OS 13 class IV.

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Awards and certifications

Quality guarantee

We are proud of our reallizzazioni because document the confidence that since 1943 we have been able to collect from our customers.

Esperience and tradition

Achievements that are also to demonstrate the success, reliability and appreciation that our products and the wide range of solutions offered.

Professionalism and efficiency

Nico Velo S.p.A. always provide product with higher and higher quality standard and a complete and professional service.